Automatic Door Sales, Repairs, and Service

At Overhead Door Company of Northwest Florida, our sales and repair service for automatic doors epitomize excellence and reliability. With a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, our comprehensive range of services ensures that your automatic doors operate seamlessly and efficiently. Reasons our customers trust us:

  • We are an independent distributor
  • We offer a full product line including: Horton, Boon Edam, Dorma, Nabco, Besam, Tormax
  • We offer design and build applications assistance
  • We provide project planning with architects on current or future jobs
  • We service all brands of automatic doors, and offer 24hr. emergency services
  • Our technicians are trained and AAADM certified
  • We have specification writing capabilities
  • “A” parts inventory coverage
Automatic Doors for Commercial Use

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Automatic Door Sales

Our sales approach is rooted in understanding your specific needs, guiding you through a diverse selection of automatic door solutions tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, or residential applications, our expert team provides personalized consultations to match you with the ideal automatic door system. Automatic Doors are a great option for these applications:

  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Senior Care Centers
  • Education – Elementary thru University
  • Property Management Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Handicap Access
Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Doors We Offer:

  • Automatic Sliding Doors – Crafted with a focus on durability, energy conservation, and user-friendly operation, these doors offer an optimal solution for high-traffic areas such as hospitals, airports, shopping centers, and office buildings
  • Automatic Swinging Doors – These doors offer versatility, accommodating installation with either a push-button or a motion sensor, catering to the preference for hands-free operation. Automatic swinging doors are tailored to suit various environments such as offices, retail stores, hospitals, and hotels.
  • ADA Door Openers – ADA-compliant door openers are meticulously crafted to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Featuring motion-detecting sensors, these openers offer effortless usability for individuals using wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, enhancing convenience and ease of access.
  • Handicap Door Openers – Accessibility door openers are specifically engineered to cater to the requirements of individuals with physical disabilities. Offering a secure and easily accessible entry point, these openers are tailored for use in homes, offices, and public buildings, ensuring safe and convenient access for all.
Automatic Doors for Commercial Use
Automatic Doors Sales and Repair Services
Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Door Repair and Maintenance

Our repair services are conducted by highly skilled technicians trained in the intricacies of automatic door mechanisms. We prioritize quick response times, swiftly identifying issues and implementing precise solutions to minimize downtime. 

Utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic tools and quality replacement parts, we restore your automatic doors to optimal functionality promptly and effectively.

Trust us to keep your automatic doors operating smoothly, enhancing convenience and safety for your premises.

Automatic Door Repair

Planned Maintenance Services

Occasionally, even the most superior commercial doors experience breakdowns. These service interruptions not only disrupt your routine but also:

  • Risk non-compliance with standards
  • Incur expenses for repairs
  • Lead to potential revenue loss due to extended downtime
  • Pose safety hazards for users

Our planned maintenance services for automatic doors are a proactive approach aimed at ensuring the continuous, optimal performance of your automatic door systems. With scheduled inspections and upkeep, our expert technicians meticulously examine and fine-tune each component, identifying potential issues before they escalate. Planned maintenance plans help:

  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Extend the operational lifespan of your doors
  • Generate cost efficiencies by reducing repair frequency
  • Enhance overall customer satisfaction through improved door performance

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