Commercial Service

Keep your business running optimally at all times with help from Overhead Door Company of Northwest Florida™. We provide the best products, installation, and service for any commercial application, to include fire doors or curtains, sectional, roll-up and rolling steel doors.

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Florida™ offers a Preventive Maintenance Service Program. The program is geared to save you money by avoiding costly downtime during repairs. One plan does not fit all so we will customize the program based on the size of your facilities, product and your needs. Contact us for your custom FREE quote on our Preventive Maintenance Service Program.

Preventive Maintenance Service Program

· Priority scheduling
· 10% off parts and labor needed above and beyond PM service
· Increase operational efficiency and reliability of your doors and operators
· Decrease long-term repair expense
· Decrease costly downtime
· Extend the life of your doors and operators

Preventive Maintenance Service Program includes (as applicable):

· Check tightness of track bolts to angles and fasteners
· Inspect spring tension
· Inspect and lubricate rollers, roller assemblies, and hinges
· Inspect and tighten tex screws
· Inspect bottom seal for excess wear or damage
· Inspect and lubricate chain hoist gears
· Check guide for proper alignment
· Inspect hand chain
· Inspect and lubricate motor gears, output shaft bearings, and axle bushings
· Check drum set screw for tightness
· Inspect cable for wear or damage
· Lubricate torsion spring
· Check winding plug set screw for tightness
· Check anchor plug and bracket for tightness and corrosion
· Inspect and lubricate bearings and shaft
· Check center couplings
· Inspect collar set screws
· Provide a detailed review of all problems requiring attention

Fire Door Inspection & Drop Tests

Fire Doors play a key role in building safety and properly operating fire doors help protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency. Defective, damaged or non-functioning fire doors can lead to tragic results and may subject building owners and managers to catastrophic losses and increased legal liability. Overhead Door Company of Northwest Florida™ Fire Door Drop Test (FDDT) program provides you with ongoing compliance with your NFPA-80, while establishing and maintaining FDDT records for your facility on an annual basis. Annual Fire Door Drop Testing Services include:

• Inspection, testing and certification of your facility’s rolling and sliding fire doors to meet NFPA-80 Section 15-2.4.3-5 requirements.
• A written Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test Report, which documents each Fire Door Drop Test service call. For your facility’s records along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.
• A “Fire Door Certification” tag is attached to each tested fire door indicating the date the door was inspected, tested and certified.
• Copies of your facilities Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test Results are kept in our company’s records in case of an emergency or any compliance questions.