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We offer guaranteed installation and maintenance services for all major overhead door brands.This includes residential and commercial doors, openers, gates, retractable screens, shutters, and storm protection. Trust us for all your garage door repair needs and experience our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology.

We’re A Full Service Garage & Overhead Door Company

Our certified technicians will solve your garage door challenges. Whether you need a broken door fixed or a new door installed. We can often repair malfunctioning doors by replacing the faulty part. Other times, the issue is severe enough that it saves you money to install a new door instead of repairing. Our service technicians will tell you the options and help you make the best choice.

No matter what overhead door issues you’re facing, we’ve got you covered.

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$100 OFF a new

with each door purchase. (No other discounts
apply.) Financing as low as $79/mo. w.a.c.

Don’t wait until an emergency – we offer savings with an Annual Service Plan – includes complete diagnostic of door systems!

Discounts for Sr. Citizens, Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders.


Our products are rated and approved for Northwest Florida.


Our technicians and installation teams are always ready to go.


We have a stringent recycling policy for all refuse.


We take care of our local military personnel.


For over 95 years, the Overhead Door™ Brand has stood for product quality and expertise, as well as professional service. We’re proud to have been a part of that tradition for over 20 years. A few points about their products:

Google Reviews

5 star review   Just had Overhead Door Co. come out to replace broken garage door opening springs as well as a general diagnostics/tune up. Josh and Kyle were great. The contacted me the day before to give a time frame I could expect them. They arrived right on time, were professional, friendly, and provided helpful info on maintaining our garage door. Next time we need garage door service I’ll be calling Overhead Door again. Thanks! more
5 star review   I was pleasantly surprised that there was no high pressure sales to replace my whole garage door instead of repair just the springs and cables. Josh and Cuyle were very professional and explained what needed to be done to get my garage door working properly again. Now it "purrs" when going up and down and done affordably! Thank you guys! more
Tammy Love
5 star review   I had a garage door that started making loud sounds when it was opening. I was impressed that they were able to come out the same day I called to repair it. Josh was awesome and I learned about garage doors, which isn't something I ever thought about until something went wrong. more
Craig Richetti
5 star review   Great experience! Cuyle was very professional, timely and was able to take care of our garage door needs. Thank you for your help. more
Robby Evans
5 star review   Thrilled with the service from Overhead Door Company of Northwest Florida. A spring broke on my door and left us unable to open the door. ODC recognizing the inconvenience did everything they could to get a technician scheduled as quickly as possible. John and Wayne did the service and were terrific. They replaced the spring and gave the door a full service. They noticed a track that needed adjustment and took care of that, as well as put a surge protector in place to protect the main unit. They had the door working beautifully in short order. They were also willing to spend time with me answering questions, helping me understand the equipment and repair as well as the things I can do to keep in running smoothly going forward. This was top notch service from clearly skilled folks who genuinely cared about making sure the job was done right and I was satisfied. I can't imagine calling anyone else for any future needs. Thank you! more
Michael Renna
5 star review   Best garage door repair service in Panama City! My car was trapped in my mom's garage when the garage door jammed. You came out that same morning and repaired the tracks and I was able to make my flight! You guys are the best! more
Audy Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your tecnicians licenced?


Our installers and techs may go through various types of training that include everything from On the Job Training to International Door Association training to become certified. We have also devised a program with a local college to send installers and techs through the program to earn a state certified construction certificate after 3 semesters. This program is geared towards our applications. More recently, Overhead Door Corp has developed training for Distributors that we are now providing to our installers and techs, who can also earn a certification.

Do you offer custom sizes?


Custom sizes are no problem! We work with custom sizes for many of the products that we offer.

When should I replace my garage/overhead door?


A malfunctioning garage door spells danger, so resist DIY instincts and call a qualified expert instead. Thinking of selling? Boost your home's allure - and possibly its value - with a new garage door, proven to yield an impressive 84% return on investment. Worn-out or sagging wooden doors also warrant an upgrade; consider switching to pre-painted steel for worry-free performance and less strain on your door's spring system.

Do your doors offer any energy tax credits?


At this time, we are not aware of any federal or local tax credits being offered for doors specifically. We suggest you contact your tax professional for advice on tax credits.

Will you dispose of my old garage door?


We carry off all job related materials to include old doors, shutters, etc. and we ensure it's disposed of properly. Know that if it can be recycled, we do! We strive to keep our environment as clean as possible. Go Green!

How long does it take to replace my garage/overhead door?


This really depends upon the type of door you choose and with or writhout a new operator. The heavier and thicker the doors to handle, the longer they may take. However, for the typical single car garage door our Installer will be at your home for 3 to 5 hours and for a double car door, 4 to 7 hours.

Why should I use a professional garage/overhead door dealer and installer?


A professional garage door installer can give you peace of mind knowing that your new door will be installed quickly, safely and securely. The installer understands the details of working with garage doors - from measurements to proper levelling - and they won’t miss any critical steps while installing your door. In addition, they will ensure that all safety guidelines are followed, leaving you with a correctly installed and balanced garage door. With their experience and knowledge, the professional garage door installer is able to save you time and money by efficiently completing the job right the first time. Making sure to use a highly trained professional for this potentially dangerous job is key in ensuring your home, family and asset are protected.

Should I choose an insulated door?


An insulated garage door might be the perfect choice, if you're looking to make your home quieter, warmer and a little more energy-efficient. Insulated doors can prevent cold air from entering your garage and therefore reduce the temperature differences in your home during the winter months. An insulated garage door also cuts down on outside noise, making it easy to entertain guests or just relax in a peaceful environment. On top of that, an insulated door tends to be more durable and requires less maintenance than traditional doors, saving you money over time on electric bills as well as repair costs. With all these benefits combined, investing in an insulated garage door is an excellent decision for any homeowner.

What is Wind Load and do I need it?


For those living in Florida, a wind load door is often recommended if you are dealing with high-strength winds. A wind load rated door has the necessary design elements and construction materials to mitigate damage by powerful storms. It also helps keep your home more secure, as it will deflect flying debris during a hurricane or thunderstorm. The sturdiness of the door can also be tested with a garage door pressure gauge. By choosing a wind load door, you will add an extra layer of security to your home that is important during Florida's stormy season.

How do I now if my garage/overhead door is properly balanced?


Knowing if your door is properly balanced can be a tricky job. The best way to assess balance is the door should remain in place without additional force being applied as well as opening and closing smoothly without making any noise. You can do this by opening your door up to chest high and seeing if it stays in place. If it does not, than its not balanced. Balance can be impacted by several factors, most often the springs are the main factor. First, check the hinges while someone else opens and closes the door. If the hinges are loose and don't stay in place and/or if you have rattling or scraping sounds as it moves back and forth, then this could be a factor. Adjust the screws on each hinge or try installing new ones altogether. If screws are missing, add them. Even if hinges seem tight, its okay to loosen the screws holding them and retighten allowing the hinge to readjust. The most common issue causing an imbalanced door is the spring(s). Springs wear over time and changing seasons (cold to hot weather) can cause a spring to require adjustments. Due to safety concerns we highly recommend you hire someone trained in removing, replacing or adjusting springs. Its very easy to suffer an injury, sometimes severe, when working with springs.

Should I replace or repair my garage/overhead door?


If you are not sure if your garage door can be repaired with just a service call or if it needs to be replaced, the good news is that there are easy ways for you to determine the best course of action. Start by taking a look at its age; if it’s been in use for decades, then chances are that replacement will be necessary over repair. Similarly, if excessive amounts of rust or major physical damage is found on the door or its surrounding parts, incline towards replacing it rather than trying to make repairs. However, smaller issues with function can usually be addressed with a service call and may come at a lower cost – so make sure to check into that first before opting for a total replacement.


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